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The mission of R. P. Wakefield is to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction through continuous improvements in quality, delivery, and service. We do this in many different ways which include material testing, visual inspections, internal quality audits, and affiliations with organizations such as the National Hardwood Lumber Association

Our primary goal is to provide products to our customers that comply with their requirements. We accomplish this objective by employing a quality system that is composed of rigorous checks on material quality, workmanship, and process efficiency which combine to maximize product value and customer satisfaction. This process is constantly evolving and improving with changes in technology and ever changing customer requirements.

Yet we have not forgotten that the skilled craftsmen that work here have enabled this company to produce high quality products for over 40 years. Their attention to detail is the true quality of our company and it is the goal of R.P. Wakefield to enable them to continue this tradition for another 40 years and beyond.