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With the rise of automation and more advanced manufacturing equipment there has been an industry- wide push toward the use of current CNC technology. To that end, R.P.Wakefield has invested in multiple CNC routers. CNC stands for Computer Numeric Control and with this technology, repetitive, precise, time consuming processes can be performed by machine instead of an operator. This presents a large number of advantages to our customers which can all be summed up by lower costs. Factors that add to this lower cost are:

  • Increases in efficiency of personnel and equipment.

    Once set up, the machines will repeat very accurately and require minimal machinist level intervention. This maximizes efficiency in production runs of any size.

  • High part to part accuracy and consistency.

    For customers that use the parts that we produce in assemblies this consistency allows them to build their jigs and fixtures with the confidence that our parts will always be consistent.

  • Fast, consistent thru-put of finished goods.

    This allows us to give our customers the most accurate lead-time estimates.

  • Repeat orders are fast and accurate.

    Part fixturing, fast setup, and memory storage of past parts allow us to process recurring orders with speed and accuracy. Repeat orders are a simple matter of pulling previous fixtures already in storage and up-loading CAD files saved from previous production runs.

  • Happy Customers.

    It is our goal to provide our customers with the parts they need in the time frame they specify. The computerized router allows us to do that by giving very accurate production time estimates based on feeds and speeds of material removal and tool RPM.